Getting Started

As with any activity, knowing what you’re getting yourself into can help you make the right choice. All United schools offer a no-obligation trial course for each prospective student that is interested in getting started with their martial arts training. We encourage you as a family to get to know your location, the staff and see the instruction firsthand before you make United your home.

Our Introductory Package Includes:

  • 2 Private Lessons

  • One Week of Classes

  • And a Free Uniform that’s yours to keep.
  • getting started

The Breakdown:

A school tour/orientation to make your family feel more comfortable in the new environment and acquaint yourself with the features of the facility.
An initial one on one private lesson to assess your goals and pinpoint which program might best suite your needs. We will show you or your child some of the techniques that will be covered in classes to reduce the nervousness of trying something new.

A week to try out the selected classes. Participants will be in a class with other students that are already enrolled in the program. No surprises. As a parent, you get to see how we teach, the format of classes and meet the staff members that will be working with your child. We want you to feel comfortable adding us into your child’s life.
A follow up private lesson to answer any questions that may have come up in your trial week. This session will include a white belt test and the opportunity to make the choice that’s best for your family.

A FREE UNIFORM – We include a uniform in this package to ensure that every guest on a trial course feels like part of the family. Whether you choose to join at this time or at a date in the future, this martial arts gi is yours to keep.

We would like to commend you for considering Martial Arts for yourself or your child. No matter which school you end up choosing, martial arts is a great decision that offers a lifetime of benefits.