Kids Karate

Discipline & Self-Confidence

Children who take karate are learning a healthy lifestyle by staying active, which, as most parents know, is difficult to do. Proper martial arts training should be fun and educational, all while increasing a child’s self confidence.

Learning to Set and Achieve Goals

Most forms of martial arts are based around a system of colored belts that signify the wearer’s degree of skill. When your child strives toward each new belt, he/she is learning valuable lessons about setting and reaching their goals.

Developing Life Long Relationships

Our students build lasting relationships with fellow classmates. We encourage life skills in our mat chats and reinforce the importance of being a good person, goal setting and treating others the way they want to be treated through our student creed.


At United Family Martial Arts we believe that positive reinforcement is a huge tool for teaching children.  Our kids karate program is a specific class for students 6 years old to pre-teen. The program is designed to recognize achievement, encourage goal setting and strives to remind each student that being unique is important. Martial arts is a great sport for the mind, body and spirit. Through martial arts training, students of all ages can see firsthand that working hard pays off and that setting short term goals can help us reach all of our long term goals.  Our kids karate program will help your child further develop their coordination and balance while building the confidence they need to succeed in anything they should try.  Our instructors work to support the values that you, as parents, are striving to instill at home and at school. and The kids karate classes are 45 minutes in length and are offered 5 times per week.